Its been a long time since I have addressed this web site. I apologize for my absence. I hope all of you are well. God has given me the musical talent to help others. I plan on continuing this plan. I will be working on another project soon to help people get in the right place, mentally, to pray to God with their heart and mind. God can be found if we call out to Him and seek Him. Prayer is the most important part of a relationship with God!  

Cancer patients think about their illness 24 hours a day. I know because I was one of them. I was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer, stage 3, in 2005. I fought it for two years and won the battle. I'm still here. I'm still here because of God, wonderful doctors and the abilities God gave them to take care of me, and because I could take my mind off of cancer and keep a positive attitude through music. Again, God gave me the ability to be a musician and make music to be enjoyed by everyone. Especially cancer patients.

You found this web site because you probably have been invited to be here by me or someone that knows me. I hope I can help you or someone you know get through the difficulties of life through the music I have written for people like you.

I am not trying to become a star in the music business. This is not my purpose. I'm a simple man with a simple purpose. Help those who need it most.  You!  Taking your mind somewhere else through music is good therapy. Try  it, I hope you'll like it! God Bless you. Thank you for visiting this web site. Help me help others. I can't do it alone. I have never made a profit regarding my music.